FoundriesFactory: Modern tooling for Embedded Linux Systems

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Posted on Nov 18, 2019 by Tyler Baker

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The days of building monolithic embedded Linux systems are coming to an end. Security vulnerabilities, both on the software and hardware side are driving the embedded industry to adopt new ways to develop these systems. The writing has been on the walls for a while now, and this shift away from monolithic applications to microservices has been happening in the cloud for many years.

The "internet of things" and "edge" computing have brought cloud developers closer to embedded systems than ever before. This migration has influenced new requirements on how these systems are developed, managed, and deployed. There is now an expectation that the operating system is managed, like cloud systems, and that the applications are independent from one another. Of course, cloud providers don't have to deal with custom embedded hardware from an array of processor architectures and vendors. Achieving this utopia, is often easier said than done.

Our solution to these issues is the FoundriesFactory. A turn-key cloud service to enable you to develop, secure, deploy and maintain your embedded, IoT, or Edge product. As a user you can create "factories" which are private spaces to develop a customized operating system and applications and manage then on devices deployed in the field.


Recently, we have co-hosted a webinar with our partners at Toradex demonstrating the FoundriesFactory in action. Below you can find curated links to specific sections of the webinar that we feel are very important. If you would like to watch the whole webinar I have provided a link below.

Factory Overview

The video will explain how to create your first factory. It also outlines the source coding hosting, build system, and deployment system provided with each factory.

Factory Device Provisioning

How do you provision a device for your factory?

Update the Operating System

A basic example of how to update the operating system used in your factory.

Docker Applications

Each factory has the ability to build, publish, sign and deploy docker-apps to any device registered with your factory.


FoundriesFactory enables you to customize and update every aspect of your embedded Linux system. It provides you the turn-key developer tools to turn a monolithic embedded system into a secure, modular, modern, embedded Linux system of the future.

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