Introducing Boot Software Updates

Jun 24, 2021
In the v82 LmP release we delivered a new powerful feature - Boot Software Updates. It provides a mechanism for updating all boot artifacts, including SPL/TF-A/OP-TEE/U-Boot proper and custom M4 firmware images.
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Jun 17, 2021
The last few weeks have been a defining time in the growth of We have closed our Series A funding and have announced two new partnerships - one with MontaVista to bring the benefits of Cloud-Native to Carrier-Grade solutions and another with WINSYSTEMS, bringing an affordable, scalable integrated hardware and software platform to address the needs of secure IoT and Edge end use-cases.
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FoundriesFactory using Yocto Project to easily handle copyleft compliance for GPLv2 and GPLv3

Jun 14, 2021
The Yocto Project provides a set of tools to help with Open Source Software compliance. The FoundriesFactory is configured to use some of them by default and provides a good starting point when working with license requirements. The focus here is to configure the Linux microPlatform (LmP) to avoid installing packages under the GPLv3 family license and to deploy the artifacts required by the GPLv2 family license. This document focuses on some technical aspects of the Yocto Project build process and must not be considered legal advice. Always consult a lawyer.
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OSTree Static Deltas

May 3, 2021
Rolling out big OTA updates efficiently is something we are often asked about. This article will talk about a feature in OSTree called static deltas and how they make platform updates more efficient.
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Cyber Security Law Comes to Smart Devices

Apr 21, 2021
Today the British Government announced new security laws to protect smart devices following on from a recent surge in pandemic sales.
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FoundriesFactory - New Features Added in Q1 2021

Apr 19, 2021
DevOps has revolutionized enterprise software development with amazing results.
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How to wave

Apr 6, 2021
In a production environment it is convenient to plan updates, and have control on when and which device(s) are updated. FoundriesFactory Waves is the feature for this. This post gathers a suggested sequence of commands to configure the first wave, and to guide for next waves.
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Securing your Production Updates with FoundriesFactory

Apr 5, 2021
In the previous blog post we talked about releasing on demand with FoundriesFactory Waves. Now, let's talk about how you can take a complete ownership of what is inside your Factory releases by protecting them with your cryptographic signatures.
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Release on demand with FoundriesFactory Waves

Mar 23, 2021
Are you interested how we managed to combine Mutual TLS, The Update Framework, Over The Air updates and Release on Demand in one feature? And also how did that help to provide an easy and controlled way for our customers to provision secure updates to millions of devices over public networks? This blog post introduces a FoundriesFactory Waves feature that will be publicly available at the start of Q2 2021.
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FoundriesFactory Device Groups

Mar 16, 2021
At the dawn of 2021 delivered a new simple yet powerful way to manage your FoundriesFactory devices. We call it "device groups" and as a name suggests it basically allows to categorize devices belonging to a single Factory into user defined groups.
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