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    How Devices Use Docker

    Oct 9, 2020
    A fairly common question I get asked is how Factory devices securely pull container images from our Docker Registry, It's kind of interesting, so I thought I'd explain.
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    LMP Container Orchestration Roadmap - Episode 2

    Apr 17, 2020
    Back in December, we laid out a roadmap for container orchestration. Then the dust settled from the Docker spinoff. What we now know is that Docker Apps is an inactive project. tldr; It's not a big deal for our customers and they are going to automagically get something better very soon:
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    FoundriesFactory TUF Keys Rotation

    Mar 5, 2020
    Built on a vision that the latest software is the most secure, software updates are central to the FoundriesFactory security story. What happens, however, when software delivery is compromised? Is recovery complicated? Enter TUF key rotation!
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    Building 32-bit Arm Containers

    Feb 25, 2020
    We strongly believe in the power of containers for embedded development at However, in a world of buzzword bingo like Kubernetes, serverless, and Edge, people working on 32 bit Arm hardware would be right to feel neglected. This article discusses one way we are helping: building armhf containers efficiently.
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    Running Rancher k3s as a Docker App

    Dec 10, 2019
    In less than a decade, containers and, subsequently, container orchestration have exploded into almost every modern development stack. We explore just how easy it is to get Kubernetes up and running within the LMP.
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    LMP Container Orchestration Roadmap

    Dec 4, 2019
    Container orchestration in the embedded space lacks a good story and vision. This article explains where we currently are and what we have planned for the future.
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    How To Manage LMP Containers

    Jan 17, 2018
    The Linux microPlatform uses a set of Docker containers to provide end-to-end services used by the Zephyr microPlatform. The containers and their configurations are deployed using a simple shell script that wraps Ansible. The scripts require a version of Ansible with Docker support. Some distro packages such as Ubuntu 16.04 don't have this, so make sure you install Ansible from a proper source before continuing.
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    Simplify your life: multi-architecture docker containers

    Jan 17, 2018
    > “The great thing about Docker is that your developers run the exact same container as what runs in production.” This is what the Docker hype is about, creating reproducible environments for applications. The technology enables us to create lightweight, secure microservices which run on an array of SoCs that can be updated over the air in a matter of seconds. We believe that accelerating code delivery will ultimately reduce time to market. Hype aside, Docker has matured and has become a foundational building block of our microPlatforms.
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