The Linux and Zephyr microPlatforms are configurable, small footprint, open source software platforms for building secure, connected, over-the-air updatable embedded products.


The FoundriesFactory Enterprise subscription provides everything you need to develop, deploy and maintain your product software. Build from the microPlatform(s) for your customized OTA updatable product.

  • We securely host* your source code changes and software IP
  • We create and host a unique customized CI and test infrastructure for each of your products, enabling you to add your own product tests to the core platform
  • We offer device and fleet updates, or you can use your choice of cloud/service provider
  • We provide security and functionality updates to the core platform through your product’s lifetime
  • We do not use or access your data
  • You are free to stop your subscription at any time, and you keep all of your product software
* Currently available for LmP only, on premises solution also available.


Foundries.io continuously delivers rigorously tested microPlatform updates to subscribers. Subscription pricing is transparent, has no per-unit costs, and includes a low cost option for evaluation and noncommercial use. All subscriptions include access to Foundries.io's demonstration over-the-air update servers, which can be used to deliver updates to microPlatform-based devices.

The Linux microPlatform is a complete software platform for developing an updatable, connected, Linux-based device.

We provide you a full system, including a recent stable kernel tested on many SoCs, a minimal base system built with OpenEmbedded/Yocto, and a runtime to deploy applications and services in Docker containers, and reference container Dockerfiles and images for getting started. Source is available for customization and full control, along with binaries for getting started on several popular boards.

The base system's small size is resource efficient and minimizes attack surfaces. The container-based application environment means you are free to use whatever Linux distribution, packaging system, libraries, or other software you choose from the myriad options available. A typical headless product implementation with networking stack and supporting Docker containers will use less than 200MB of storage.

Foundries.io delivers reference Docker containers as part of the Linux microPlatform. These implement support for common device needs such as IP connectivity to Bluetooth devices, CoAP and LwM2M, MQTT, network proxying, and more. In our documentation, we show you how to manage these and your own containers on your devices. Using these in your application, you leverage our team of open source experts to reduce cost and time to market.

The Zephyr microPlatform is a complete software platform for developing an updatable, connected microcontroller-based device.

Key features include:

  • Secure bootloader (MCUboot)
  • Built-in OTA update ability
  • Zephyr RTOS
  • Secure networking and communications stacks
  • Device and peripheral drivers
  • Sample applications

The Foundries.io Zephyr microPlatform is based on the Zephyr RTOS, the "Linux kernel of microcontrollers". Zephyr is a scalable, cross-architecture RTOS for constrained devices, designed for security and with built-in Internet connectivity.

Combining the Zephyr and Linux microplatforms you have everything you need to build, test, and deploy complete end-to-end software for IoT products.

Foundries.io integrates the microPlatform software itself, reference hardware, and additional tools to provide an end to end, open source reference system that you can use while developing your product. Using this software, which is provided with the microPlatforms and continuously tested by Foundries.io, you can securely publish sensor data from devices to the fog or cloud, receive commands or data back, and perform over-the-air updates to your devices and applications. Both public and private clouds are supported.



Foundries.io continuously develops, integrates, tests, and delivers microPlatform and end to end system updates to subscribers for use in their own products. These continuous updates enable you to rapidly deliver new features, bug fixes, and critical security updates to your customers, at a fraction of the challenge and cost of managing upstream development changes in-house.

Traditionally, connected device development uses outdated software, such as vendor board support packages, and long-term support infrastructure, such as LTS Linux kernels. Some of this software is "abandonware", never receiving an update after its first release, and LTS infrastructure does not address the entire software stack, from bootloader to application. When updates are needed and these methods fail, it's slow, expensive, and error-prone to back-port new features and security or bug fix patches to your product.

By building your device's software on the microPlatforms and subscribing to continuous updates, you'll be able to manage and integrate updates throughout its lifetime. Deploying secure, OTA updatable products lets you deliver bug fixes and new features to your customers, and provides both lower maintenance costs and protection against software vulnerabilities and other security threats.

By subscribing to the microPlatforms, you gain access to the latest fully integrated and tested updates from Foundries.io. As a subscriber, you are free to use these updates in your products. We will never "lock you in"—you can cancel your subscription any time and continue to use the software.