FoundriesFactory: A Cloud Platform Specially Designed for IoT

How FoundriesFactory can help IoT and Edge Linux-based device management & more

FoundriesFactory is an open-source cloud platform designed to both simplify and reduce the cost of developing, deploying, managing and maintaining your secure IoT and Edge Linux-based devices. It accelerates your product firmware, OS and applications development; shortens your time to market; and provides you with the ability to monitor and update IoT and Edge devices and fleets, keeping them secure over their product lifetime.

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The benefits of FoundriesFactory

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Substantial reduction in IoT & Edge product development, management and maintenance costs
  • Increased IoT & Edge device and fleet security and interoperability
  • Secure, flexible software platform to build a wide range of products, services and applications
  • Unlimited secure OTA updates to devices & fleets
  • Simple per-project subscription with no per unit costs

Key Features

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Software Development

  • Tailor the firmware, kernel, operating system and user space for your own hardware and application
  • Your own private source code for different builds, using Git management
  • Optional full support for Docker containers to simplify the development and orchestration of services and applications
  • Secure connection examples for public and private clouds
  • Comprehensive Cloud Build System with user defined tags for target builds; locally replicate builds if needed
  • CI Builds on every change; test on local or remote devices using OTA updates without re-flashing
  • Promote to releases when development is completed
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Device and Fleet Deployment & Management

  • Provision secure devices with individual keys during or post manufacture
  • Option for NXP EdgeLock 2GO secure device provisioning to simplify device security management
  • Optionally leverage OP-TEE, TPM and external Hardware Security Modules for secure protocols and trusted applications
  • Firmware, OS, User Space and Container updates use OSTree and Aktualizr-lite for incremental TUF-compliant minimum payloads
  • Update remote devices and fleets using the Factory CLI or REST API, or use third party device management platforms
  • Orchestrate and manage your IoT and Edge device/fleet software platform, applications and services
  • Optional secure access to remote devices using WireGuard VPN
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Maintenance and Update for Product Lifetimes

  • Secure configuration management for devices/fleets
  • Use our continuous Factory lifetime CVE patches and updates
  • Maintain your IP to keep your product software updated for lifetime (up to 20+ years)
  • Deploy updates as needed based on your use case, validation, compliance and market requirements
  • Or, use your Factory to manage traditional LTS maintenance on your shipping kernel

Latest FoundriesFactory Releases

93 (v. 2545)



  • NEW: Composectl now used in favor of skopeo for managing compose apps
  • LMP release based on the OE/Yocto 4.0.16 Kirkstone release ...

92 (v. 2488)



  • NEW: Support for encrypted rootfs images with on-line re-encryption using TPM 2.0 or PKCS#11
  • NEW: Common configuration fragment for...

91 (v. 2306)



  • NEW: FoundriesFactory now supports fast first build target from pre-built images
  • NEW: Initial support for TI AM62XX HS-FS EVM
  • NEW:...

90 (v. 2189)



  • NEW: Initial support for NXP i.MX 93 Evaluation Kit (imx93-11x11-lpddr4x-evk)
  • NEW: Initial support for NXP i.MX 8ULP Evaluation Kit...

89 (v. 1938)



  • NEW: Support for TF-A Trusted Boot on STM32MP15 devices
  • NEW: Support for SE05X Plug-And-Trust demonstration applications
  • NEW: Support...

88 (v. 1732)



  • NEW: Initial support for NXP i.MX 8M Nano Evaluation Kit (imx8mn-ddr4-evk)
  • NEW: OP-TEE support for Versal AI Core Series VCK190 Evaluation...

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Software Stack

The FoundriesFactory service combines many open source projects to provide a complete software platform for your product. Your own Factory enables you to easily customize each of these to your own product requirements, and to add your own proprietary IP

  • Image of Linux kernel Linux kernel
  • Image of Yocto Yocto
  • Image of Docker Containers Docker Containers
  • Image of U-Boot U-Boot
  • Image of UEFI UEFI
  • Image of OP-TEE OP-TEE
  • Image of User space User space
  • Image of WireGuard WireGuard
  • Image of Connect to the Cloud Connect to the Cloud

Hardware Support

We support any hardware that can run the Linux operating system

To get started you can use a growing range of standard development boards for Arm, Intel and RISC-V SoCs. FoundriesFactory is designed to give you maximum flexibility to configure to your own hardware, add your own IP, and meet your customer needs

  • Image of Arduino Portenta X8 Arduino Portenta X8
  • Image of Arm64 Arm64
  • Image of Intel x86-64 products with UEFI Intel x86-64 products with UEFI
  • Image of NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX
  • Image of ST STM32MP157 ST STM32MP157
  • Image of TI Sitara AM62 SKEVM TI Sitara AM62 SKEVM
  • Image of TI Sitara AM64 SKEVM TI Sitara AM64 SKEVM
  • Image of Xilinx Kria Xilinx Kria