Software Stack

The FoundriesFactory service combines many open source projects to provide a complete software platform for your product. Your own Factory enables you to easily customize each of these to your own product requirements, and to add your own proprietary IP.

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Linux kernel

We provide Linux from LTS and stable releases, configured for secure IoT and Edge products, with optional SoC vendor supported IP from the latest supported BSPs. The FoundriesFactory service allows you to customize the kernel configuration and build, or to specify your own kernel tree for your product

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The Yocto project provides open source tools for creating Linux distributions. FoundriesFactory uses Yocto to build the Linux microPlatform with security features and OSTree-based OTA update support, and provides overlays to enable any level of customization, while allowing the underlying platform to be maintained by

Docker Containers Logo

Docker Containers

By default we include industry standard Docker container technology in FoundriesFactory builds, to simplify remote services and applications management, and to separate applications from the underlying OS platform. You may also configure your Factory to build images without using Container technologies

U-Boot Logo


We support U-Boot to provide secure and trusted firmware built to Arm Platform Security Architecture specifications in FoundriesFactory. With SoC vendor support we will also provide secure OTA updates for U-Boot firmware using UEFI capsule update technology. U-Boot controls the boot of the Linux microPlatform OS for Arm and other supported SoCs



FoundriesFactory provides UEFI firmware using the Tianocore project to offer secure boot for the Linux microPlatform OS on Intel architecture SoCs. Secure firmware OTA updates are supported as part of the FoundriesFactory device and fleet OTA capability via UEFI capsule updates



OP-TEE provides an open source Trusted Execution Environment for running Trusted Applications using TrustZone on Arm SoCs. Your Factory also offers optional support for Hardware Security Modules (if available) to accelerate OP-TEE secure storage, key generation and cryptographic operations using APIs including OpenSSL and PKCS11

User space Logo

User space

The Linux microPlatform provides a minimal, customizable, mostly read-only user space with OSTree OTA update support. By default a Docker runtime is included. Your Factory enables you to fully customize the user space to meet your own requirements. A production build may also be configured without GPLV3 licensed code

WireGuard Logo


Secure VPN tunnel technology provides secure encrypted remote access to your development or production devices. Your Factory includes full support for WireGuard configuration. If implemented in a production environment you will host the VPN server in your own infrastructure ensuring that data is completely under your control

Connect to the Cloud Logo

Connect to the Cloud

We provide secure interfaces to all of the major industry public cloud vendors, as well as protocols for private cloud and on-premises configurations. We support standard IoT and Edge communications protocols including LwM2M and MQTT and offer pre-configured and customizable containers for gateway applications

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