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A secure platform to build scalable solutions for IoT & Edge have created an open source platform using the latest industry practices and standards throughout, so product developers can build on a common software base. Our team's decades of experience delivering embedded products provides you with innovative tooling to fully customize the platform and accelerate your time to market.


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Introducing FoundriesFactory

Customize the Linux microPlatform using cloud infrastructure to manage the development, testing, deployment and maintenance of your next product

Using your Factory you can easily modify source code, add your own IP, and generate cloud builds

Security and trust are designed in from boot to cloud, with TUF compliant OTA updates

Continuous Integration and testing on your own hardware, located anywhere in the world

Optionally use Container technologies for deployment and management of services and applications

Industry leading software for your solutions

FoundriesFactory provides you with the secure software platform for all your connected devices - from smart appliances to smart cities


Use your Factory to build OTA updatable robotics or drone products for consumer and industrial applications

  • Containerize a ROS-based or proprietary stack with Docker
  • Customize the OS with your own IP and application
  • Maintain your fleet and updates for lifetime
  • Update applications over the air with no reboot
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Smart Home Automation

Rapidly develop Linux-based smart appliances from white goods to home hubs, using best industry practices for security and reliability

  • Customize for your own hardware and wireless choices
  • Deploy products directly to customers and/or through channels
  • Long term OTA maintenance updates built in for product lifetime
  • Configure smart devices OTA for public cloud(s) such as use of Alexa or Google Home
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FoundriesFactory delivers customizable secure software for your next consumer or industrial gateway product

  • A single factory can support multiple communications & hardware configuration options
  • Secure your gateway with secure boot, OP-TEE and.or HSM options, and encrypted endpoint and cloud communications
  • Use secure device onboarding (SDO) to configure at manufacturing or on first use
  • Container support allows for Edge & AI services and applications to be configured and updated securely OTA
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Automotive & Autonomous Vehicles

FoundriesFactory supports automative and vehicle software from ADAS to fully automated tractors, buses or cars

  • Develop secure solutions for compute, displays and communications
  • Support for the latest SoC technology, and long term maintenance for 20+ years
  • Encrypted OTA updates to TUF specifications (with optional Uptane support)
  • Update open source or proprietary virtualization and safety critical software components
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Industrial IoT

Build advanced sensors, Edge compute, manufacturing robotics and test equipment using FoundriesFactory

  • Accelerate and secure your Industry 4.0 project
  • Manage remote manufacturing facilities globally
  • Integrate with on prem, private or public cloud infrastructure
  • Long term maintenance and updates included for 20+ years
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Other Linux based Products

Tens of thousands of companies across the world use Linux as the OS for their connected products. FoundriesFactory offers a complete solution for platform software to anyone working on a connected product, from startups to the biggest global OEMs

  • Use any SoC that supports Linux, including Arm, Intel and RISC-V
  • Support any public or private cloud, or even several at once
  • Complete customization with your own IP, while retaining the platform benefits
  • Secured by design with lifetime updates for security and functionality
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Our vision is to be the OS of everyThing. We have built a secure, open source platform for the world's connected devices, and a cloud service to configure this to any hardware and any cloud.

Our customers pay a fixed subscription per project or per company with no per unit fees and unlimited fair usage of our build, test, deployment and update infrastructure. This dramatically reduces engineering and maintenance costs and enables our customers to focus on their own IP and value-creation.

A cloud service to develop, CI/test, deploy and maintain secure, OTA updatable IoT and Edge products. It comprises secure firmware, Linux operating system, device and fleet services, private and public cloud interfaces, and lifetime software maintenance updates.

We lead the industry in providing a complete solution for the IoT and Edge product lifecycle. Every customer product leverages the open source Linux microPlatform combined with customer IP, enabling us to build a lasting platform that can be used in billions of globally connected devices.

The Linux microPlatform (LmP) is an OS for IoT and Edge devices, designed using best industry practices for security and OTA updates. FoundriesFactory is a cloud service that enables you to rapidly build, deploy and maintain secure, connected products incorporating your own IP and applications, reducing time to market and engineering costs.

We support any hardware that can run the Linux operating system. To get you started we support a range of standard development boards for Arm, Intel and RISC-V SoCs. FoundriesFactory is designed to give you maximum flexibility to configure to your own hardware, add your own IP and meet your customer needs.

Production devices use secure boot with root of trust and attestation, PKI with signed certificates and rotatable keys, operating system features, and best industry practices to ensure end product and fleet security. All updates and data communications are carried out using secure encryption protocols, and updates conform to the industry TUF specification.

FoundriesFactory provides automated Continuous Integration with builds triggered on each source code change. The build system supports multiple developers and branches. Each new build can be OTA delivered to a local or remote device and your tests can be run on any designated device.

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