Open Source microPlatforms for Building Connected Devices
Secure • Updatable • Lifetime Maintenance
Our Vision
Building software for connected devices should be easier and faster. Our open source RTOS and Linux microPlatforms make it easier for you to deliver new products with built-in security and lifetime updates.


Built-in security from device boot to the cloud with encrypted data transfers


Best of class software from leading open source projects, fully integrated and tested


Integrated update capability for security patches and new features

Lifetime Maintenance

Lifetime product support with a single low cost subscription per product and no unit royalties

The microPlatforms

microPlatforms are complete product templates for your next connected device design, allowing you to focus on your value-add and application, rather than undifferentiated features. The Zephyr microPlatform is RTOS-based for microcontroller projects. The Linux microPlatform is for more powerful SoCs, enabling connected devices ranging from smart products to autonomous cars. Docker containers are used for your updatable applications and services.

Benefits from using our product:

  • Extensive support for upstream SoCs and MCUs
  • Leverage our team of experts for your product foundation
  • No lock-in, through use of open source code, licensed to allow you to include proprietary value-add
  • Continuously tested and updated
  • Accelerate your product development
  • Dramatically reduce lifetime maintenance costs with no per-unit royalties


We are passionate about solving the problem of software fragmentation and product maintenance. As an open source company, we seek to partner across the industry for mutual benefit.

SoC • MCU • SoM Vendors & Distributors

Integrate your products, accelerate customer designs

Wireless & Peripheral Solutions

Build support for your products into the microPlatforms

Device Management & Cloud Providers

Enable more devices to integrate with your cloud services

Services Companies

Deliver value-add to microPlatform customers


Get Started Today

Getting Started gives you access to our last public, open, end to end release of the microPlatforms so you can evaluate our product at no cost.

When ready you can easily subscribe to get the latest builds of the Zephyr and/or Linux microPlatfoms, as well as access to the latest updates, security patches and new features to help you develop your new product.

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