There is only one F’ in foundries

A Comment on FoundriesFactory And Linux IoT Security

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Posted on Jul 7, 2020 by Ian Drew

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I was on a video call with a customer last week when they said, “there is only one F in Foundries” - I’m dyslexic, so I had to just spend a second or two to think about that. Then I realised it was a compliment, and not an English Language test!

We created to transform and revolutionise the software lifecycle for IoT and edge devices, as this is where most of the security breaches happen in a network. What does this practically mean? We believe in Linux in IoT, and that the latest software is the most secure software. Therefore if you can find a way to have any and all devices with the latest stable version of Linux, your network is at its best.

This is easier said than done in reality, as in practice this means creating a whole new Linux stack and infrastructure that is targeted for edge that will allow customization for any device, on any architecture, and interfacing to any cloud. If you think of Android, there are probably 6-10 real configurations that the team has to worry about to cover the vast majority of the smartphone market. For IoT, there are literally hundreds of thousands of configurations, and millions of software permutations.

We have, over the past few years, developed a Linux-based secure platform targeted specifically at IoT and edge products, and a cloud service/SAAS - FoundriesFactory - that offers a complete software solution to OEMs including secure product development, testing, deployment and OTA update driven long term maintenance. This gives substantial cost savings and acceleration of time to market. Target market segments include smart appliances, industrial IoT, smart cities, robotics, edge AI and gateways, autonomous vehicles, and more.

As our CTO pointed out to me last week, we have yet to lose a customer who has tried out FoundriesFactory in anger. This is why we believe that we are leading in this space. We give OEMs and SoC providers an ability to get to market quicker, save a vast amount of money AND have end devices that are secure for the full lifetime of operation. This is why a customer told me “there is only one F’in Foundries “ and my response, somewhat slowly was “but there are two in FoundriesFactory”.

If you want to change the paradigm of secure software to drive your IoT or edge devices, come have a chat.

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