Build #1000 - Greatest Hits

Aug 6, 2020

Posted by Andy Doan

2020-07-27T23:52:33 UTC marked a milestone at Foundries, the 1000th build of the LMP was triggered. This got me nostalgic and I’ve put together a list of our "greatest hits". These builds represent pivotal moments in our history.
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There is only one F’ in foundries

Jul 7, 2020

Posted by Ian Drew

I was on a video call with a customer last week when they said, “there is only one F in Foundries” - I’m dyslexic, so I had to just spend a second or two to think about that. Then I realised it was a compliment, and not an English Language test!
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Secure IoT Linux Platform FoundriesFactory Sees Adoption from Startups to Enterprise

Feb 24, 2020

Posted by Trina Watt

Aeler, Maidbot and Spriteguard select scalable embedded Linux platform for rapid development, deployment and management of connected Edge devices
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Oct 24, 2019

Posted by George Grey

After more than two years in development we have accomplished two major milestones in the last month. We have announced our first equity round of $3.5M, and we have introduced FoundriesFactory - a cloud service to help companies development secure, deploy and continually maintain products through their complete lifecycle - for IoT and Edge applications, accelerating time to market and reducing costs.
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Oct 22, 2019

Cambridge, UK, 22nd October 2019:, a leading open IoT platform company, today announces a $3.5M funding round to advance its secure operating system platform. The round is led by Crane Venture Partners, with participation from Backed VC.
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Sex and the art of IoT

Sep 26, 2019

Posted by Ian Drew

These are two subjects that tend not to go together in a standard blog, but bear with me please, there is a connection.
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Keeping Edge devices secure from IoT hackers

Jul 15, 2019

Posted by Trina Watt

Edge devices are now at the frontline of security attacks on manufacturing and enterprise organisations. Hackers are extorting more money out of a wider range of companies and corporations, with the latest estimates being that attacks have increased by 500% in the last year.
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Jun 5, 2019

Posted by Sally Doyle

### Brings secure, supportable longevity to IoT installed devices LONDON, UK; 5 June 2019:, innovator in the deployment of Linux and Zephyr for Edge and IoT solutions, announces key customers showcasing its ability to provide secure, supportable platforms, realising the full value of IoT.
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LTS Kernel is a barrier to building sustainable secure IoT and edge devices

Feb 28, 2019

Posted by Geroge Grey

IoT has experienced large levels of hype over recent years but is now turning into a reality with over 30 billion* IoT devices expected to be connected by 2020. This has moved IoT from early installs to full production and ongoing maintenance.
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LF Edge bringing a unified open source framework for the Edge

Feb 19, 2019

Posted by Trina Watt

Recently the Linux Foundation launched LF Edge as an umbrella organisation to establish an open interoperable framework for edge computing, independent of hardware, silicon, cloud or operating system. This is very close to’s heart and mission.
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