& Variscite Partner To Ease SOM Development

London, England ‐ 28 February 2022 — Foundries.​io, the leader in cloud-native development and deployment solutions for secure IoT and Edge devices, today announced its partnership with Variscite to simplify the development, deployment and management of secure IoT and Edge products on Variscite's System on Modules / Computer on Module based on NXP Semiconductors' i.​MX processors. Variscite is the world's leading ARM-based SoM vendor selling more than 2 million units per year, supporting more than 6,000 customers worldwide over 18 years.

The companies will host a joint webinar on March 2, 2022, to demonstrate the complete end-to-end product lifecycle capabilities available to OEMs developing embedded devices using a Variscite VAR-SOM-MX8M-MINI SoM with the FoundriesFactory software platform. Watch the Webinar.

"We are happy to collaborate with access to the FoundriesFactory platform can facilitate our customers to develop, deploy, manage and update secure IoT and edge devices, enabling them to accelerate time to market while reducing engineering and maintenance costs,” said Ofer Austerlitz, VP Business Development and Sales of Variscite.

By some accounts, the Industrial IoT market will grow to $1.1 trillion in 2028 from $216 billion today. That growth requires a new way of building and maintaining Linux-based devices, one in which security and resource efficiency are paramount. FoundriesFactory addresses these challenges with a cloud platform designed to both simplify and reduce the cost of developing, deploying and maintaining secure IoT and Edge Linux-based devices. It accelerates product firmware, operating system and applications development, shortens time to market and provides the ability to monitor and update devices and fleets, keeping them secure over their product lifetime.

"It’s a natural move to extend our cloud-based DevOps platform for embedded IoT and Edge to Variscite’s customers,” said George Grey, CEO of “The nature of embedded development is changing, and FoundriesFactory delivers a common, easy way for developers to move quickly and to easily maintain devices for their entire lifetime from the cloud. We’re excited to make this available to millions of developers around the world.”

About Foundries.​io

Foundries.​io helps organizations bring IoT and Edge devices to market faster.

The FoundriesFactory software platform reinvents IoT by offering a secure, customizable, Linux-based platform with fleet management services for the world's connected devices. Now, product teams gain enhanced data security while reducing the cost of developing, testing and deploying devices across their installed lifetime. Our open-source platform interfaces to any cloud and offers maximum flexibility for hardware configuration so organizations can focus on what matters: IP, applications and value add.

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About Variscite

Variscite is a worldwide leading System on Module provider, setting the bar for embedded solutions since 2003 with high-quality modules. The company provides the vastest ARM-based SoM portfolio in the embedded market with a wide range of configuration options that covers an entire embedded products and applications range; from entry-level to high-performance solutions. Variscite's in-house production fully complies with the strict medical ISO13485 and ISO9001 standards. Along with the company's ongoing online documentation and personal support as well as the generous longevity, the company's customers are enjoying consistent, reliable products and services starting from the earliest development stages throughout the end product lifecycle.