Foundries Supports Arm® SystemReady Initiative

London, England ‐ 19 October 2021 — Foundries.​io, leader in cloud native development and deployment solutions for secure IoT and Edge devices today announced support for the new Arm SystemReady initiative. FoundriesFactory logo

FoundriesFactory® offers modern cloud native and DevOps infrastructure to solve the challenge of delivering a secure, updatable Linux platform for building IoT and Edge products and applications.

Arm SystemReady standards enable compliant products to run off-the-shelf Linux Operating Systems. This increases developer choice, reduces friction for new product development and deployment, and enables faster time to market.

Working with Arm, NXP® Semiconductors, ADLINK and Arduino, Foundries.​io delivers a SystemReady IR version of the secure, OTA-updatable Linux microPlatform distribution for use in IoT and Edge products using the NXP i.​MX 8 applications processors. Foundries.​io has also enhanced the FoundriesFactory service, so that products based on supported SoCs can achieve SystemReady IR compliance “out of the box”. In addition, OTA secure update capabilities for boot firmware, operating system and applications ensure that IoT and Edge products shipping today are future-proofed as the SystemReady standards evolve.

“Foundries.​io enables our customers and partners to deliver SystemReady IR certified products today, based on the NXP i.​MX 8 processor family. With our ability to perform secure OTA updates of the entire product stack, from boot firmware to applications, our customers can deliver products that are updatable for lifetimes that can exceed 20 years, ensuring compatibility with tomorrow’s software today” said George Grey, CEO of Foundries.​io.

“As the nature of compute at the edge changes, to truly scale we need to deliver the simplicity of a cloud‐native software experience across the entire edge ecosystem,” said Andrew Rose, chief system architect and fellow, Arm. “Arm SystemReady enables generic operating systems to ‘just work’ out of the box, and is a key pillar of Project Cassini, which is designed to deliver this cloud‐native platform approach. Foundries.​io’s SystemReady initiative will help vendors to accelerate time to market and improve device and fleet security.”

“NXP is leading support for the SystemReady initiative in the Arm ecosystem, with PSA compliance across a wide range of MCUs and MPUs” said Rob Oshana, Vice President of Software Engineering, NXP Semiconductors. “In partnership with Foundries.​io our customers are now able to achieve SystemReady IR compliance for multiple i.​MX products, and can use the FoundriesFactory IoT and Edge Linux-based device management platform infrastructure to simplify product certification and to provide a cloud‐native platform for Linux development, provisioning and deployment, as well as secure lifetime device management and maintenance.”

“Arduino Pro enables enterprises to transform their businesses with rapid IoT deployment” said Adriano Chinello, BU Leader at Arduino Pro. “Our new Linux-based solutions combined with FoundriesFactory and pending SystemReady IR certification will reduce our customers’ software development efforts and provide a powerful DevOps platform for secure IoT fleet deployment management and maintenance.”

“ADLINK will support SystemReady on multiple Arm product lines, including our recently announced Ampere-based Edge development platform and our NXP-based Edge computing devices, designed for demanding IoT and Edge applications” said Henri Parmentier, Senior Manager EPM-Modules Product Center at ADLINK. “With FoundriesFactory we will also offer PSA Certified solutions, ensuring that our customers’ products are future-proofed with long term maintenance through secure FOTA updates.”

Foundries.​io continues to add global industry leaders and innovators ‐ from tier one OEMs and ODMs to emerging disruptors ‐ to its roster of partners and customers, and intends to extend SystemReady compliance capability to other supported Arm SoC vendors in the near future. Foundries.​io is a registered member of the NXP Partner Program.

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