Changes to Yocto Meta-freescale That Impact FoundriesFactory

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Posted on Jul 7, 2022 by Daiane Angolini

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This post introduces the Machine Overrides Extender class from meta-freescale and how the change that comes with PR 980 impacts a FoundriesFactory.

Properly Configured Meta-freescale BSPs By Default

The Machine Overrides Extender class from meta-freescale extends machine overrides depending on which SoC is part of the MPSoC. For example, if a MPSoC has an IPU, or a GPU for 3D and 2D.

What has changed is that the machine override based solely on the MPSoC is now appended with a BSP specific tag. For example:

mx8 for NXP specific packages would be mx8-nxp-bsp. For mainline support packages ,mx8-generic-bsp. For packages or variables used for both, you would use mx8-mainline-bsp.

When customizing with FoundriesFactory, overriding a variable value in a bbappend file is sometimes needed. The machine override is the one with the latest expansion, setting the final value for that variable.

For the cases when a MPSoC (i.e. mx8) override is required, it is better to search other metalayers for that variable in order to understand which BSP is being used.

FoundriesFactory Migration

For a Factory based on i.MX SoC migrating from v86 (or older) to v87, a conversion is required when a MPSoC override is in use. For a machine name override, no change is needed.

There is a script in meta-freescale to help with the conversion, and this PR can be used as reference.

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