Multiple Architecture Support In a Single Linux Platform

Posted on Mar 4, 2021 by Trina Watt

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As the range of IoT and Edge devices continues to increase, many companies are now having to support applications and services across multiple device types, sizes and underlying architectures.

There is a good reason why there is such a wide range of SoCs and architectures available for device developers: a market the size of IoT cannot be addressed by one hardware solution. However, this diversification means that companies now need to address the challenges of managing multiple devices using different underlying hardware architectures, in a cost effective way.

FoundriesFactory has been designed from its foundations to support multiple hardware architectures with one consistent Linux microPlatform.

The ability to support multiple hardware architectures with a single platform brings many benefits to our customers: By using FoundriesFactory a customer is not locked into using a particular hardware architecture. Our approach provides the flexibility to change hardware between generations of products in the knowledge that the device will be kept secure and the applications and services, if using containers, are consistent. This means hardware choices can be made based on the use case and market requirements, not driven by historical software decisions. By having one consistent software platform, you are able to test your application on any platform from one place. You only need to manage one platform independent of the underlying hardware.

Simplification of security auditing, since you are evaluating one consistent platform. Updates are performed in a consistent and simple way across all devices using the platform, independent of the underlying hardware architecture.

This demo shows an Over-the-Air (OTA) update being made to containers across a range of devices based on both Arm and x86 architectures using one software platform, enabling a single OTA update, no matter the device being updated.

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