NVIDIA + Foundries: Partners In Linux IoT & AI Development

Posted on Apr 6, 2022 by Rick Bye

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Foundries.​io cloud platform will support Linux-based IoT and AI development.

World class SoC vendors have understood that enabling their customers to have ready access to leading edge software partners is critical. This ecosystem building, especially in a fragmented IoT and Edge world ensures that OEMs are always able to use the latest and most secure tools, technology and security for a fast time to market. We are pleased and proud that NVIDIA has added Foundries.​io to its Partner Network as a Preferred Jetson Ecosystem partner so their OEM customers can have fast access to the leading secure Linux for IoT and Edge. NVIDIA is the latest company, alongside NXP, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Xilinx and Arm, to use Foundries.​io support for a standardized Linux-based platform to accelerate the defragmentation of IoT.

NVIDIA’s Jetson platform supports AI software and services; hardware and design services, machine vision cameras and sensors, and system software and developer tools. The Jetson platform’s JetPack SDK is a most comprehensive solution for building end-to-end accelerated AI applications and includes the Jetson Linux Driver Package (L4T) with Linux operating system and CUDA-X accelerated libraries and APIs for Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Accelerated Computing and Multimedia. With Foundries.​io support, companies building AI-enabled IoT and Edge devices running Linux will be assured of long-term support, regular updates and security best practices. With NVIDIA Jetson support built into FoundriesFactory, users can be developing applications on the platform in minutes.

“We are excited to couple the power of NVIDIA CPU, GPU and AI solutions with the FoundriesFactory cloud service” said George Grey, CEO at Foundries.​io. “We expect this partnership to benefit OEMs through faster time to market for Jetson-based products, lifetime OTA updates for product security, and a built-in solution for cloud-agnostic device and fleet management. Our combined solution brings embedded product development and deployment into the cloud era.” “Foundries.​io brings the best cloud native service and the best embedded software expertise to Jetson’s Ecosystem,” said Chen Su, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager at NVIDIA. “Our partnership will simplify the development, deployment and management of secure IoT and edge devices powered by the NVIDIA Jetson platform and reduce time-to-market from months to weeks.”

Foundries.​io will simplify building and deploying secure Edge devices and fleets using JetPack™, that

  • enables developers to significantly reduce time to market, and enjoy lifetime end product maintenance
  • provides a secure, fully customizable Linux-based platform for building scalable IoT and Edge devices based on NVIDIA’s Jetson hardware
  • leverages security and Over-the-Air (OTA) update capabilities of FoundriesFactory to easily and securely connect device fleets to any public or private cloud
  • enables easy use of containers for applications and services, allowing them to be updated OTA without requiring a device reboot

Please learn more about FoundriesFactory.

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