FoundriesFactory - New Features Added in Q1 2021

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Posted on Apr 19, 2021 by David Griego

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DevOps has revolutionized enterprise software development with amazing results.

One study shows an adept DevOps team, on average, can:

  • Deploy x200 more frequently
  • Deploy x100 faster
  • Experience x7 fewer failures
  • Recover from incidents x2000 faster than low performing teams

At FoundriesFactory we continue to innovate to enable our customers to employ much of this mindset, culture, and technical practices to their embedded development. Add to this our emphasis on security and you can quickly be in the forefront of the DevSecOps movement on embedded devices.

Here is a summary of some of the features we have added in the last 3 months:

  • Device Groups
  • FoundriesFactory Waves
  • Secure boot support for i.MX 8MM targets

Device Groups

Device Groups bring the ability for teams to logically collect the devices managed by their Factory into user defined groups. Once the devices are in a group, that group can be managed as a single block. This unlocks the ability to do many exciting things such as canary testing of new releases; AB testing of features in the field; producing different SKUs, even possibly for different regions. Making many of these proven techniques available to your team can help unlock the full potential of your product.

FoundriesFactory Waves

FoundriesFactory Waves builds on top of the Device Groups feature to enable Release-on-Demand. By segregating production devices into groups, an update can be sent out in a controlled manner, through each device group, directed by the operations team. When releases are handled this way issues previously not detected during testing, but have manifested themselves in the field or at scale, can be better mitigated. Also support loads expected during an update can also be better managed by limiting the wave size to match support team capacity.

Secure boot support for i.MX 8MM targets

Security is one of our top objectives here at Our commitment does not waiver in this area, so on the heels of support for NXP SE050 Hardware Security Element (HSE) we are happy to announce support for secure boot on the i.MX 8MM EVK in the Linux microPlatform. Users of solutions now can take advantage of this ability to secure their devices for deployment knowing that they are using tested and fielded integration instead of going the road alone.

Linux microPlatform

So far this year we’ve released three versions of the Linux microPlatform (LmP). Like usual, this includes CVE and other security updates, but these releases also include:

  • New platform support such as the ST STM32MP157C-DK2 and Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (raspberrypi4-64).
  • These releases also introduce new features to the LmP such as bitstream support for the Xilinx ZynpMP powered uz3eg-iocc board and new LmP distro alternatives for wayland and xwayland support.

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