How To Manage LMP Containers

Posted on Jan 17, 2018

2 min read

The Linux microPlatform uses a set of Docker containers to provide end-to-end services used by the Zephyr microPlatform. The containers and their configurations are deployed using a simple shell script that wraps Ansible. The scripts require a version of Ansible with Docker support. Some distro packages such as Ubuntu 16.04 don't have this, so make sure you install Ansible from a proper source before continuing.

		+------------+      +-------------+
		|            |      |             |
		| LMP Device |      | Host System |
		||      | |
		|            |      | (eg laptop) |
		+------------+      +-------------+

The Simple Case

In the most simple scenario, your device management system (Hawkbit or Leshan) will be running on your host system. In this case the script only needs to know the IP address of your LMP device to set it up: GW_HOSTNAME= ./

Specifying The Device Management Server's IP

The previous script works by trying to guess the externally routable IP of your host system. If this probing is guessing your IP incorrectly or you run this service on another system, it can explicitly set it with: GW_HOSTNAME= MGMT_SERVER= ./

Using an Alternative Docker Registry

The script also supports passing a username and password to authenticate with a secured Docker registry when needed:


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