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Arduino returns to Linux with Portenta X8 module and dev kit

Mar 24, 2022

LinuxGizmos provides an in-depth report on the new, FoundriesFactory enabled, Arduino Pro Portenta X8 board. They also explore the history of Arduino’s previous Linux board, the Yún, and how Arduino has influenced other boards like Raspberry Pi and Beagleboard.

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Making Factories Smarter: A Crash Course in Digital Transformation

Mar 7, 2022

Ian Drew explains how many many manufacturers, and the suppliers of the electronic industrial control systems they use, lack the security expertise that is needed to effectively implement industrial transformation, “Without the ability to employ the latest digital security practices coupled with the ability to deploy frequent software updates, manufacturers can be exposed to dangerous security vulnerabilities and threats as a result of the huge attack surface that results from connecting everything in the Internet of Things.”

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2022 IoT Technology Trends The Era Of IoT Plug-And-Play Begins

Mar 3, 2022

Bill Curtis, IoT analyst in residence at Moor Insights and Strategy, reviews the most disruptive 2022 IoT Technology trends and explains how Foundries.​io and our partners are accelerating the end of the "DIY" era for IoT, and eliminating this barrier to growth.

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Dec 16, 2021

Foundries.​io selected for another year as one of Red Herring's Top 100 Europe, their pick of the most outstanding entrepreneurs and promising companies.

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