Using Docker Containers for Updates To Edge Devices

Posted on Mar 4, 2021 by Trina Watt

2 min read

The one thing this year has reminded us is how uncertain things can be and how we always need to be prepared for unseen issues. This is also applicable to our Edge devices. Having the ability to update Edge devices throughout their lifespan is now a fundamental feature of any connected device.

This demo shows how utilizing containers enables you to separate applications and services from the underlying Linux platform. Container technology makes it quicker and easier to add in new features and make changes to existing devices. We demonstrate here how we were able to use Docker containers to abstract the host dependencies and easily deploy new computer vision application algorithms at the Edge.

Face masks have become our latest must have accessory, with many countries now enforcing legislation for the correct wearing of face coverings, to minimize the transmission of Covid-19. In this demo we are using an application from OpenVINO that has been developed to detect correct face mask usage. We have built a container on FoundriesFactory with all the requirements for OpenVINO with a Facemask application from the mmphego repository and have enabled Over-the-Air (OTA) updates to an Intel x86 based device.

OpenVINO is a toolkit designed to enable you to quickly develop applications that solve a variety of tasks including the emulation of human vision.

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