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Sex and the art of IoT

These are two subjects that tend not to go together in a standard blog, but bear with me please, there is a connection.

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Keeping Edge devices secure from IoT hackers

Edge devices are now at the frontline of security attacks on manufacturing and enterprise organisations. Hackers are extorting more money out of a wider range of companies and corporations, with the latest estimates being that attacks have increased by 500% in the last year.

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The OTA updatable OS for your next IoT or Edge Product

By George Grey in microPlatform

July 5, 2019

Why is there no Android or Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IoT and Edge devices? The “one size fits all” approach of a modern Linux distro does not meet the requirements of the IoT and Edge markets because of the diversity of hardware and use cases - from cellular-connected sensors, to industrial IoT infrastructure, to gateways and even autonomous vehicle computing. More complex use-cases and more powerful processors almost universally use some variant of Linux. Simpler devices such as sensors typically use an RTOS. In this article we focus on Linux - a future article will explore the many RTOS options.

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By Sally Doyle in news-and-media

June 5, 2019

Brings secure, supportable longevity to IoT installed devices

LONDON, UK; 5 June 2019:, innovator in the deployment of Linux and Zephyr for Edge and IoT solutions, announces key customers showcasing its ability to provide secure, supportable platforms, realising the full value of IoT.

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Zephyr Logging Survival Guide, Part 2: Logger Subsystem

By Marti Bolivar in zephyr-news

August 14, 2018

An overview of the new logging system merged for v1.13, or: Can’t Get Enough of your Logs, Zephyr.

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Zephyr Logging Survival Guide, Part 1: SYS_LOG

By Marti Bolivar in zephyr-news

July 24, 2018

An overview of Zephyr’s longstanding SYS_LOG API, or: Blog Drops Zephyr Log Bombs Without Qualms.

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Zephyr microPlatform, Zephyr OTA via DFU/mcumgr

In this blog we describe how to use the Zephyr microPlatform and the in-tree Zephyr samples to build, flash and perform an over the air (OTA) update of a Zephyr application over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This demonstration uses the DFU support within Zephyr provided by mcumgr.

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