FoundriesFactory combines all these technologies within a single product

  • Security

  • Yocto

  • Test

  • Continuous integration

  • Docker Container

  • Update Over The Air

FoundriesFactory combines all of these technologies in a single product to help you develop, deploy, update, maintain and test our device.

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  • Enable Yocto

    It's never been easier and faster!

    Yocto is a highly powerful, yet very complex too. FoundriesFactory uses Yocto to its full potential to enhance Linux maintenance. You can then put your full focus on the customization required for your specific hardware.

  • Provides Continuous Integration

    Why do you need CI?

    Keeping software up to date to avoid all vulnerabilities requires constant code changes FoundriesFactory has a complete CI to integrate updates for your Linux MicroPlatform.

  • Enables Docker Container

    to install any program you want in your distribution.

    The decision to use containers in your Embedded Linux project brings a huge range of possibilities. Your approach may be a simple container with just your application, you might want to benefit from several ready-made containers enabling apps such as Mosquitto, Nginx, SQlite or you may need complex distributions such as Debian.

  • Update Devices Over-the-Air (OTA)

    Secure software doesn’t bring you the protection needed unless you are also updating all devices in the field.

    Secure communication with each and every distributed device is critical. Devices must be continuously updated and optimized. Software updates are vital too FoundriesFactory securely updates your application as well as the complete Linux Operating system.

  • Test

    Being absolutely sure of the functionality of your devices is essential to your success.

    Performing tests on real hardware or in the equipment installed in the field is essential to get to know your product better. Tests are important not only for identifying problems, but for preventing them FoundriesFactory allows you to run not only ready-made tests, but also those implemented by you .

  • Security

    Implementing all of this on your own can create many risks.

    FoundriesFactory takes away the risk. It was created from the outset with security in mind Bringing together the latest updates from the entire open source community to your device. It means that you benefit from improvements made or identified by all FoundriesFactory customers.