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Qualcomm® RB3 Gen 2 Development Kits

IoT development kits designed for high-performance compute, accessibility, and advanced features.

The Qualcomm RB3 Gen 2 Platforms give developers an accessible and valuable combination of strong performance, premium connectivity, and customizable features which can be upgraded according to product needs. These platforms are ideal for a broad range of IoT applications across use cases including robotics, industrial, and automation. With four options of feature packs, these flexible platforms can be tailored to customer needs.

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RB3 Gen 2 Vision Kit

The Benefits of FoundriesFactory

Faster Time to Market

With FoundriesFactory, DevSecOps actions can be performed quicker than on a proprietary platform.

Reduced Costs

Our model is a simple fixed subscription per project with no per unit royalties, and no per transaction fees or other hidden costs.


The FoundriesFactory product is securable by design, and its updating and continuous maintenance are handled by Foundries.io.

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Inside FoundriesFactory and Qualcomm® RB3 Gen 2 Development Workflow

FoundriesFactory workflow

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Key features

Development workflow

Simplified Collaboration Tools

The FoundriesFactory™ SaaS offers a streamlined set of collaboration tools that eliminate the complexity of developing IoT and Edge devices. Utilizing a GitOps workflow, you can easily build, customize, and deploy your Linux Yocto-based images and containerized applications. From day one, your devices can receive both online and offline updates, allowing for rapid development and a direct path to production.

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Enhanced Security with Built-In Features

Developing secure IoT and Edge devices is challenging, but the FoundriesFactory platform makes it easier. This platform includes all the necessary software and tools to accelerate your time to market while enhancing security. The FoundriesFactory update mechanism uses The Update Framework (TUF) to protect your devices from various threats during both online and offline updates. Additionally, a dedicated team maintains the base distribution, and the CI/CD and SBOM generation tooling help keep your devices secure and free from vulnerabilities (CVEs).

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Updates Online and Offline

Comprehensive Device Control

Having full control over your devices in the field is crucial, and the FoundriesFactory platform ensures this by enabling updates not only for applications but also for the entire operating system and firmware. Combining the Linux microPlatform operating system with the FoundriesFactory platform provides a complete solution that allows you to perform atomic, immutable, secure and incremental updates both online and offline. This capability lets you start updating devices from the beginning, facilitating testing of the update mechanism, enabling hardware sharing within your team and speeding up development.

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Device configuration management

Effortless Device Configuration and Fleet Management

For connected IoT and Edge devices, the FoundriesFactory device management panel and REST API provides comprehensive. You can send configuration files to individual devices or groups, and the FoundriesFactory device management panel provides comprehensive information about each device, including a complete update history.

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Containerized AI Applications

Seamless AI Application Deployment

In the age of AI, quick deployment of applications and models is essential. The FoundriesFactory platform supports containerized applications, making it easy to deploy AI applications across various devices and architectures. Unique to the FoundriesFactory solution, the platform hashes images combining the base operating system (Linux) with the applications (Containers). This creates an immutable version of Linux + Containers, avoiding the challenges of managing them separately.

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Additional information

New Qualcomm® RB3 Gen 2 IoT dev kit

Qualcomm RB3 Gen 2

The original Qualcomm® RB3 IoT development kit was, from the hardware standpoint, the stuff that embedded developers' dreams are made of.

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Introduction to the FoundriesFactory™ Platform

Discover how FoundriesFactory's subscription-based SaaS platform can change your software development process in this short and informative video.

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