81 (v. 1260)



  • Aktualizr-Lite updated to the revision fe447e0 (based on Aktualizr 2021.1+fio)
  • Apalis-iMX6 now correctly enabling PL310 cache, improving system performance considerably
  • Default tune for uz3eg-iocc changed to cortexa53 (from cortexa72-cortexa53)
  • Fixed golang performance regression caused by the RISC-V cgo/pie changes
  • New platform support: ST STM32MP157C-DK2 (stm32mp1-disco)
  • ST meta-st-stm32mp added to the default layer list

Layer Updates

Meta LMP

  • base: Add compose-apps-early-start recipe
  • base: aktualizr-lite: bump to fe447e0
  • base: go: limit RISC-V cgo/pie support patches to riscv64
  • base: kmeta-linux-lmp-5.4.y: bump to 651d964e
  • base: kmeta-linux-lmp-5.4.y: bump to 94ab2bee
  • base: optee-os-fio: 3.10: bump to e16ca85b2
  • base: optee-os-fio: 3.12: bump to a410cdf6
  • base: u-boot-fio: 2021.04: update to post v2021.04 tag
  • bsp: linux-lmp: apalis-imx6: fix PL310 cache performance
  • bsp: linux-lmp-dev-mfgtool: apalis-imx6: fix PL310 cache performance
  • bsp: lmp-machine-custom: stm32mp1common: use kernel-lmp-fitimage
  • bsp: lmp-machine-custom: stm32mp1-disco: drop uboot rd settings
  • bsp: lmp-machine-custom: stm32mp1-disco: enable sota ubootenv
  • bsp: lmp-machine-custom: stm32mp1-disco: switch to wic format
  • bsp: u-boot-fw-config-stm32mp: set default fw_env config link
  • bsp: u-boot-stm32mp: disco: provide lmp config fragment
  • bsp: uz3eg-iocc: read EMAC from EEPROM
  • bsp: uz3eg-iocc: set default tune to cortexa53
  • bsp: wic: add sdimage-stm32mp157c-dk2-trusted-sota
  • initramfs-framework: create /var/lock later

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