Get started at no cost using our online documentation, latest binaries and source code on GitHub.

For evaluation, personal or educational use, we provide a low-cost non-commercial subscription.
This provides access to our developer foundry, where users can register, manage, and update up to ten microPlatform devices. We support a range of common development devices such as the Raspberry Pi 3, Dragonboard 410C, Beaglebone, Intel NUC/Minnow, SiFive Unleashed, nRF52832/nRF52840 modules, NXP Freedom K64F, and many more.

Support for Raspberry Pi 4 will be available after end of July 2019.

For commercial use, we offer an enterprise subscription.
This provides access to our enterprise foundry, where users can create derivative products, add build configurations, test images on remote hardware targets and deploy to a production environment through the product lifetime. A subscription is required for each end product – there are no per unit royalties or fees.

  • FREE
  • Evaluation and non-commercial use
  • Documentation, reference binaries, source code on GitHub
  • Linux microPlatform command line OTA update option
  • Zephyr microPlatform OTA updates using Leshan
  • Stable builds – comprehensive continuous integration & testing from device to cloud
  • Linux microPlatform reference Docker containers for workload use-cases
  • We welcome contributions through GitHub pull requests
  • Community support
  • FREE
  • Commercial evaluation,
    education and non-commercial use
  • Everything in the FREE tier
  • Documentation for continuous update metadata and testing
  • Foundry dashboard for up to 10 devices *
  • Subscriber support via Slack channel
  • $10 /MO · $89 /YR
  • Commercial use
  • Everything in the PERSONAL FOUNDRY tier
  • Per-product unlimited update usage – no per unit fees
  • On premises options for OTA deployment
  • Continuous Integration, Testing and Deployment of your derivative build (mPAAS or on-premise) **
  • Support for 3rd party public or private clouds
  • Access to Enterprise Services ***
  • Zephyr
    $1,000 /MO
    $10,000 /YR
    $2,500 /MO
    $25,000 /YR
  • * Up to 100 devices for authorized educational use
  • ** By arrangement, additional fees may apply
  • *** Contact us for Enterprise Services