announces microPlatforms

Foundries.​io launches microPlatforms for an always-secure Internet of Things.

Open, continuously updated distributions for Linux and Zephyr designed to mitigate and reverse fragmentation of IoT, Edge ecosystems.

CAMBRIDGE UK -- Aug. 21, 2018 -- Emerging from two years in stealth mode,™ today announced the world’s first commercially available, continuously updated Linux® microPlatform™ distributions for the embedded, IoT, edge and automotive markets. Supported by a newly announced partner program, these microPlatforms™ enable devices connected to cars to always be secure and updated to the latest available firmware, operating system and application(s).

The™ Linux microPlatforms™ are designed to mitigate and reverse the fragmentation across the Internet of Things, leading to a truly secure, interconnected global network. According to Gartner, roughly $235 billion was spent on the Internet of Things in 2016, with 6.4 billion devices in the field. By 2020, Gartner forecasts that there will be nearly 21 billion devices deployed in a wide array of industries from agriculture to utilities. Without the ability to update to the most current software, these networked devices face risks of failure and of cyberattacks.

Linux microPlatforms™are minimal, secure, over-the-air (OTA) updatable software platforms including firmware, kernel, services and applications, delivered continuously from initial product design to end-of-life. Benefits include faster time-to-market for products across a wide range of IoT connected devices, built-in support for software and hardware security solutions, updates for security fixes and new features, and dramatically lower product development and lifetime support costs.

‘Unifying, Open, Secure’

“Over the past two years we have used open source software to build a unifying, open, secure, continuously updated product platform for the fragmented IoT and embedded markets,” said George Grey, CEO of Foundries.​io. “We started Foundries.​io to fundamentally change the industry. Today’s connected devices require modern software and secure update techniques. Rather than legacy software builds being maintained for product lifetimes that can reach 10 years or more, the Linux microPlatforms™ are built from the ground up to enable product manufacturers to always and immediately deploy the latest security updates, bug fixes and new features to their customers, ensuring the safety of the Internet of Things and the security of data throughout the network.”

Foundries.​io Linux microPlatforms™ have been developed using best-in-class, enterprise software development practices, coupled with end-to-end, sensor-to-cloud, continuous integration testing on every code change, ensuring consistent product quality for connected devices in markets including smart sensor, industrial and consumer products.

Product lifetime maintenance for security updates, bug fixes and new features - from firmware to the end application - is built into the Linux microPlatform™ products, meaning device makers no longer need to create and support a custom software build for every product. The Foundries.​io business model is subscription-based and does not include per-unit fees, meaning device makers are not “penalized” by the success of their products.

Linux microPlatform Features

The Linux microPlatform™ includes updatable firmware, kernel and a minimal distribution built using Open Embedded/Yocto, running customer-specific services and applications natively or in Containers.

Applications include upgradable smart devices for industry and home, gateways and edge computing devices, reconfigurable OTA for newly attached hardware and/or services, and securely updatable software platforms for the automotive, robot and drone industries. The cross-architecture Linux microPlatform™ builds support a large number of Arm and Intel boards.

Here is a complete list of development board support.

Foundries.​io has established a Partner Program to enable SoC/MCU/SoM vendors, distributors, Cloud and Device Management providers, Service Providers and others to work with and support the microPlatform™distribution ecosystem.

Foundries.​io changes the IoT landscape by delivering continuously-updated software platforms for a secure, connected world. Sensor, smart device, Edge, Fog, automotive and other connected device product developers benefit from continuously integrated and tested Linux microPlatforms™ on SoCs, for global industrial and consumer markets.

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