Secure IoT Linux Platform FoundriesFactory Sees Adoption from Startups to Enterprise

Aeler, Maidbot and Spriteguard select scalable embedded Linux platform for rapid development, deployment and management of connected Edge devices

CAMBRIDGE, England -- Feb. 24, 2020 --, a leading open OS platform provider for lifetime deployment of secure IoT and Edge devices, today announced the adoption of its flagship product, FoundriesFactory, by a number of customers ranging from large global enterprises to emerging startups. FoundriesFactory is a secure, customizable embedded Linux platform that enables customers, regardless of size, to develop, deploy and maintain secure Internet of Things and Edge devices for life.

Analysts forecast that IoT and Edge deployments will reach more than 75 billion devices by 2025. These endpoints - which span data center equipment to smart home appliances to critical municipal infrastructure - often represent the weakest security point in a network and are a frequent target of malicious hackers. provides an over-the-air secure update service that enables IoT and Edge device manufacturers to update all subscribed devices on demand, ensuring that every machine receives the most current and secure software available. has garnered significant traction for FoundriesFactory across several market segments, including factory automation, robotics, WiFi security, and global asset tracking. FoundriesFactory offers support for a wide range of SoCs, SoMs and single board computers as the starting point for customers to securely deliver, deploy and maintain software on their own hardware.

Enterprise Adoption

Arm, the leading semiconductor IP licensing company, has adopted FoundriesFactory to continuously integrate and test software, bringing enhanced security and making it easier for developers to build IoT devices based on the Arm Corstone-700 reference design or Arm Cortex-A5 processor.

It is not just enterprise customers, however, that are realizing the benefits of FoundriesFactory. Aeler, Maidbot and Spriteguard are three organizations already benefiting from FoundriesFactory with very different use cases:

Aeler’s vision is to build an optimal set of AI-driven logistics tools that advance how global trade is conducted. The company selected FoundriesFactory to support Aeler’s commitment to device security throughout the lifetime of its products, regardless of their location.

“FoundriesFactory offers a flexible solution that enables us to customize our platform to be secure and updatable no matter where our Aeler C3 containers are located globally, at both a software and firmware level”, said David Baur, CTO of Aeler. “Working with is allowing us to get to market faster and gives our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing our products will always be secure.”

Maidbot provides safe and cost-efficient automated solutions to the hospitality industry, creating a robotic vacuum system designed to clean large spaces, such as hotels, malls and airports.

“It is paramount that our products remain updated and secure throughout their active lifespan,” said Micah Green, CEO of Maidbot. “FoundriesFactory allows us to deploy updates without interrupting the daily tasks of our devices, making them more efficient and secure, all while ensuring our customers’ routines are not adversely impacted.”

Wi-Fi Securities has developed a system called Spriteguard that protects users on public Wi-Fi connections by stopping connections to fake hotspots. Security is the company’s number one priority, and being able to maintain the highest level of security on SpriteGuard devices once they’re installed is vital. Spriteguard, powered by Wifi Securities Ltd, is developing a unique system designed to work with all WiFi providers.

“FoundriesFactory provides us with a customizable platform that we can tailor to meet our exact needs,’ said Cliff Kirby, CEO of Wifi Securities. “With security being such a critical part of our business, it’s important we ensure our devices are updated throughout their lifetime. FoundriesFactory allows us to do that with a solution that is flexible enough to adapt to our needs as we scale our company.”

Embedded World 2020

In further recognition of its innovative approach to IoT and Edge device security, FoundriesFactory has been nominated for the Embedded World Best In Show Software award, and has also been named one of Tech Nation’s Rising Stars 2.0.

To learn more about FoundriesFactory and to see it in action, come talk to us at Booth No. 4A-323 at Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany. The event takes place Feb. 25-27 at the Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg.

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About helps its customers bring IoT and Edge devices to market faster, increasing their data security and substantially reducing the cost of developing, testing and deploying devices across their installed lifetime. Built on a vision that the latest software is the most secure, is the developer of FoundriesFactory. This is a cloud-based service with a flat pricing structure; there is no volume royalty to penalize manufacturers for their success. FoundriesFactory is scalable from data center applications down to remote Edge devices, and is deployed by companies spanning early stage startups to global enterprise organizations.

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