makes IoT deployable using Linux and Zephyr microPlatforms™

Brings secure, supportable longevity to IoT installed devices

LONDON, UK; 5 June 2019:, innovator in the deployment of Linux and Zephyr for Edge and IoT solutions, announces key customers showcasing its ability to provide secure, supportable platforms, realising the full value of IoT. microPlatforms are being used to enable support for hardware security elements, factory automation and offering lifetime management for IoT/Edge devices. Linux microPlatform (LmP) is a configurable open-source Linux platform designed for IoT and Edge devices, for use with on-premise, private or public cloud solutions giving companies full ownership of their own product data.

Hardware Security Elements has worked with Rambus Inc. to enable support for the Rambus Crypto Manager Root of Trust (CMRT) hardware security element in the Linux microPlatform. This demonstrates the flexibility of the LmP, bringing easy integration and full lifetime support for proprietary hardware IP, such as Hardware Security Elements and AI/ML engines.

Daniel Ip, vice president of Engineering, Cryptography at Rambus commented, “A secure OTA solution requires a flexible, extensible software stack backed by a hardware root of trust to protect sensitive keys and securely manage the lifecycle of a system on a chip (SoC). Leveraging the expertise of the team in Linux and in open standard firmware over the air (FOTA), Rambus is excited to provide a hardware-backed secure boot and FOTA solution enabling secure, verifiable software updates for SoC and product developers.”

Device and Fleet management has been working to address the needs of Toradex System-on-Module (SoM) customers. The LmP is the base platform for the Torizon solution, simplifying the process of developing and monitoring embedded software. By adopting Docker containers in the LmP enables Torizon to provide application deployment and updatability with increased security.

Brandon Shibley, CTO at Toradex said, " has been a valuable partner for Toradex in realizing our vision of Torizon: a secure, open, versatile and easy to use embedded computing platform based on the Linux microPlatform for Toradex System-on-Modules."

For more information on Torizon and LmP see the and Toradex video.

Factory Automation has been working with a Tier1 consumer product manufacturer to implement a solution based on the LmP to address the needs of multiple manufacturing facilities worldwide. These facilities need to consistently deliver to exacting product specifications and regulatory requirements. LmP has delivered an in-house solution to facilitate over-the-air (OTA) updates to their global manufacturing network. The solution will enable rapid response to new requirements, testing strategies, and additional functionality for years to come.

About Linux microPlatform (LmP)

The LmP is configurable to customer product requirements across multiple market segments, while maintaining a minimal common, secure, OTA updatable code base. Customer engineering teams from start-ups to industry leading enterprises are able to manage their own builds of the LmP. provides lifetime security and functionality software updates for a product’s deployed lifetime, whilst enabling a customer to control who accesses their IP, applications and product data.

About originated within Linaro and brings extensive knowledge of open source and Linux to the IoT space. offers scalable Linux microPlatforms to address the diverse needs of the IoT and Edge devices. The Linux and Zephyr microPlatforms are free at provides subscription based SaaS access to customized source code, CI and test infrastructure, and lifetime end product updates. Find out more at

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