Offers Industry’s First Complete Edge Platform-as-a-Service For IoT Applications

Bill Curtis and Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy published an in depth research paper based on Bill’s experience with FoundriesFactory. Bill describes how the FoundriesFactory EPaaS (Embedded Platform-as-a-Service) and the new Arduino Pro Portenta X8 board are ushering in the start of the IoT plug-and-play era.

In 2016, Softbank’s Masayoshi Son compared the growth of IoT devices to the Cambrian explosion, referring to the biological Big Bang over 500 million years ago that resulted in our planet’s incredible diversity of life. He predicted a trillion connected devices in 20 years. When he made that bold prediction, analysts reckoned that we’d have 30 to 75 billion connected devices by 2022. The actual number turned out to be 8 to 15 billion, depending on how analysts define “connected devices.” This paper explains why IoT device deployments are not yet on a “trillion devices” trajectory and identifies the technology trend that makes Masayoshi Son’s bold prediction more realistic. We then show how FoundriesFactory,’s new and disruptive edge platform as a service (EPaaS), accelerates that trend.

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