at ELC / Open IoT Summit 2018 is excited to have an opportunity to demonstrate our end to end IoT microPlatforms at this years Embedded Linux Conference and the Open IoT Summit alongside the Zephry project.

This year, the events will take place in Portland Oregon, at the downtown Portland Hilton from March 12-15. will be presenting on 4 topics at this year's IoT Summit.

Zephyr and MCUBoot as Foundations for Secure IOT Products - Marti Bolivar

The Zephyr RTOS and its MCUBoot bootloader port are both active, fast-moving
open source projects with the potential to bring a Linux kernel style
development model and community to IoT.

However, while the components are well-documented, there's a lack of
information on how to combine them to build complete, secure, updatable
products with clearly stated threat models. This presentation aims to close
that gap, by describing a concrete, open source IoT application based on
Zephyr, MCUBoot, and LWM2M, as well as the developer tooling and security
model underlying it.

The emphasis is on practical application of these tools, rather than an
abstract discussion of the components themselves. Previous experience with
Zephyr or MCUBoot is helpful, but not required.

BoF: Blockchain of Things - Tyler Baker

Blockchain based protocols can be utilized to solve difficult problems in
the IoT and Embedded spaces. In this BoF we will discuss how to use this
technology to establish a decentralized root of trust, that allows device
control, ownership, and secure data transfer for devices with constrained

In addition to blockchain, we will delve into new distributed
ledger technology, and zero-knowledge proofs which allow one party (the prover)
to prove to another (the verifier) that a statement is true, without revealing
any information beyond the validity of the statement itself. This is important
for anonymous machine to machine transactions to occur with very little
compute resources.

Zephyr Now Supports OMA LwM2M Protocol! What Can it Do for Me? - Michael Scott

The Linux Foundation’s Zephyr RTOS continues to evolve at a rapid pace! A
current focus is to support secure production-ready IoT protocols that can
fit on constrained hardware. The OMA LwM2M protocol provides a solution and
was introduced in Zephyr’s 1.9 September 2017 release.

As the maintainer for
the LwM2M library in Zephyr, Michael Scott will discuss how the library has
evolved from the 1.9 release through what’s available in the master branch of
Zephyr today (to be released as 1.11). Attendees can also expect
binary size / RAM usage breakdowns based on typical hardware configurations
as well as instructions for testing the Zephyr LwM2M client via QEMU and
connecting to a LwM2M server secured with DTLS.

DIY Connected IoT Products Using Open Source Software - Alan Bennett

For the past 2 years our team has been built reference IoT products using
Open Embedded / Yocto, the Linux kernel, Zephyr and some open source device
management platforms. We have struggled through incomplete frameworks,
proprietary radio bugs, multiple IP stacks and an every growing number of

Now we want to share all of our knowledge in a hands-on
workshop/tutorial. In the workshop, you will learn about all of the
components involved in an open source end-to-end IoT system and be able to
build, test, deploy and delivery software updates to fielded devices. From
the Cloud to the Edge and into wireless sensor devices, we will show you how
to take advantage of all that open source software has to offer to build
safe, secure and updatable devices.

"Embedded Linux Conference & IoT Summit

Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) has been the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for the past 13 years for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products. After a decade of collaboration, the conference extended its scope to include user-space developers – the people building applications on embedded Linux – and has become the preeminent space for product vendors as well as kernel and systems developers to collaborate with these influential technologists.

OpenIoT Summit is a technical conference for the developers and architects working on industrial IoT. The new industrial transformation – Industry 4.0 – requires a highly skilled pool of software engineers, developers, programmers and architects, specializing in a number of disciplines across the ecosystem.

OpenIoT Summit joins the technical experts paving the way for this transformation, along with those looking to develop the skills needed to succeed, for education, collaboration and deep dive learning opportunities. Unlike other IoT events, OpenIoT Summit is specifically for technologists. It is a technical event created to serve the unique needs of system architects, firmware developers and software developers in the booming IoT ecosystem. Experts from the world’s leading companies and open source projects will present the information needed to lead successful IoT developments and progress the development of IoT solutions."

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