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Posted by George Grey, Micah Green

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Maidbot provides safe and cost efficient automated systems, delivering unprecedented value to hotel operators, room attendants and hotel guests. Their flagship product, Rosie, is the world's first housekeeping robot, cleaning the floors of small and large spaces in hotels, airports, shopping malls and universities. She also functions as an indoor mobile data platform, collecting and analyzing invaluable and actionable business data including temperature, air quality and foot traffic. Using LiDAR technology to navigate, Rosie has omnidirectional wheels for ease of movement.

Maidbot’s robotic vacuum cleaner means efficiency gains for users; for example, bedrooms are cleaned 20% faster and open public areas 80% faster than with previous solutions. The product contributes to the improved health and well-being of the cleaning staff, and enables safe and secure data capture to further improve service provision.

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Key Challenges

The Maidbot team approached Foundries.​io with a range of goals:

  • To increase workplace efficiency through seamless and autonomous solutions that enable easy interaction between humans and robots over time.
  • To enable robots to clean larger areas with sustained speed and efficiency.
  • To efficiently and securely collect and transmit location and operational data to identify cleaning issues, such as mould or zones with WiFi coverage issues.

Approach and Key Benefits

The Foundries.​io team's expertise has enabled Maidbot to move quickly in their development cycles, particularly in the early stages with System on a Module (SOM) and security devices, and then to move from beta to deployment of their market-ready product.

As an early adopter, Maidbot has had the opportunity to work closely with the Foundries team to take advantage of the FoundriesFactory platform. The teams have also been able to work together to develop next-generation solutions that meet the security and up-time requirements of autonomous mobile robots with limited compute resources, power optimization requirements, and potentially unreliable network connections.

The FoundriesFactory product has brought a number of features and benefits to Maidbot’s robotic vacuum cleaners, including fine control over the lifecycle of OTA updates, and the ability to optimize build to deployment pipelines with integrated CI for both the platform and applications.

Micah Green, Maidbot’s CEO explains further: “Our primary motivation for seeking out Foundries was to find a secure, no-down-time solution for incremental Over The Air (OTA) updates. We've since used the Foundries platform to optimize the current phase of our product, and to add security and performance features to the next phase. It’s paramount that our products remain updated and secure throughout their active lifespan. FoundriesFactory allows us to deploy updates without interrupting the daily tasks of our devices, making them more efficient and secure. This is all done behind the scenes, ensuring our customers’ routines are not adversely impacted.”

George Grey, CEO at Foundries.​io
Micah Green, CEO at Maidbot

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