Running Rancher k3s as a Docker App

Dec 10, 2019
In less than a decade, containers and, subsequently, container orchestration have exploded into almost every modern development stack. We explore just how easy it is to get Kubernetes up and running within the LMP.
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LMP Container Orchestration Roadmap

Dec 4, 2019
Container orchestration in the embedded space lacks a good story and vision. This article explains where we currently are and what we have planned for the future.
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Docker App Support in Aktualizr

Sep 23, 2019
Aktualizr has gained support for Docker Apps. This is a powerful feature, but hasn't really been described well ... until now!
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Introducing Aktualizr-lite

Sep 8, 2019
Earlier this year, I found myself pushing the idea of an "anonymous mode" for the Aktualizr project which is the OTA agent running in the LMP. This turned into "aktualizr-lite" and has recently become the default OTA agent used by the LMP. This article explains what aktualizr-lite is and why we are using it.
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The OTA updatable OS for your next IoT or Edge Product

Jul 5, 2019
Why is there no Android or Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IoT and Edge devices? The "one size fits all" approach of a modern Linux distro does not meet the requirements of the IoT and Edge markets because of the diversity of hardware and use cases - from cellular-connected sensors, to industrial IoT infrastructure, to gateways and even autonomous vehicle computing. More complex use-cases and more powerful processors almost universally use some variant of Linux. Simpler devices such as sensors typically use an RTOS. In this article we focus on Linux - a future article will explore the many RTOS options.
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Adding a REST API to OTA Connect

Aug 9, 2018
The OTA blog series left users with a secured OTA Connect server. This article will describe how you can deploy an easy-to-use REST API to manage your devices.
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Securing OTA Connect

Jul 12, 2018
Part three of this blog series showed how to deploy an OTA Connect service in Google Kubernetes Engine that had a few security holes. This article will describe how to secure it.
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Deploying OTA Connect

Jun 27, 2018
Continuing with the OTA blog series part one and part two, this article shows you how to deploy OTA Connect using the OTA Community Edition into Google's Kubernetes Engine (GKE). After completion of these instructions, you'll have an OTA Connect server available on the internet with a single QEMU device registered to it.
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What Is OTA Connect

Jun 14, 2018
Continuing with the OTA blog series, this article will explain what OTA Connect is and how it implements the TUF/Uptane/OSTree specifications.
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