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There is only one F’ in foundries

I was on a video call with a customer last week when they said, “there is only one F in Foundries” - I’m dyslexic, so I had to just spend a second or two to think about that. Then I realised it was a compliment, and not an English Language test!

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Case Study: Aeler C3 shipping containers assured with complete chain of trust with FoundriesFactory

By David Baur, Trina Watt in news-and-media

June 22, 2020

Aeler is a Swiss AI-driven company designing hardware and software to meet fundamental logistics requirements by revamping the standard shipping container. Aeler envisions a world where logistics operations are efficient, clean and intelligent. To that end, they believe that building the next-gen intermodal container, one of global trade’s core components, will enable a new era of both economical and environmental efficiency.

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Case Study: Robotic vacuum cleaners made secure for life

By George Grey, Micah Green in news-and-media

May 18, 2020

Maidbot provides safe and cost efficient automated systems, delivering unprecedented value to hotel operators, room attendants and hotel guests. Their flagship product, Rosie, is the world’s first housekeeping robot, cleaning the floors of small and large spaces in hotels, airports, shopping malls and universities. She also functions as an indoor mobile data platform, collecting and analyzing invaluable and actionable business data including temperature, air quality and foot traffic. Using LiDAR technology to navigate, Rosie has omnidirectional wheels for ease of movement.

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What's a Target?

By Andy Doan in lmp

May 14, 2020

A Foundries Factory is a unique new concept. Conceptualizing a Factory can sometimes seem difficult. I’ve encountered this enough to see a common problem - we are looking at things the wrong way.

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LMP Container Orchestration Roadmap - Episode 2

By Andy Doan in lmp

April 17, 2020

Back in December, we laid out a roadmap for container orchestration. Then the dust settled from the Docker spinoff. What we now know is that Docker Apps is an inactive project. tldr; It’s not a big deal for our customers and they are going to automagically get something better very soon:

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Configuration Management of Devices

By Andy Doan in lmp

April 1, 2020

Over the last month our engineering team has been working on a way to provide our customers an easy-to-use mechanism for managing on-device configuration. The result is a new project we call “fioconfig”.

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FoundriesFactory TUF Keys Rotation

By Marc Streeter in fota

March 5, 2020

Built on a vision that the latest software is the most secure, software updates are central to the FoundriesFactory security story. What happens, however, when software delivery is compromised? Is recovery complicated? Enter TUF key rotation!

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Building 32-bit Arm Containers

By Andy Doan in lmp

February 25, 2020

We strongly believe in the power of containers for embedded development at However, in a world of buzzword bingo like Kubernetes, serverless, and Edge, people working on 32 bit Arm hardware would be right to feel neglected. This article discusses one way we are helping: building armhf containers efficiently.

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Secure IoT Linux Platform FoundriesFactory Sees Adoption from Startups to Enterprise

Aeler, Maidbot and Spriteguard select scalable embedded Linux platform for rapid development, deployment and management of connected Edge devices

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Running Rancher k3s as a Docker App

By Marc Streeter in demos

December 10, 2019

In less than a decade, containers and, subsequently, container orchestration have exploded into almost every modern development stack.

We explore just how easy it is to get Kubernetes up and running within the LMP.

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