The IoT software platform that makes it easy to develop, secure, and update Linux-based IoT and edge devices

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Introducing FoundriesFactory®

FoundriesFactory is the cloud software platform that simplifies, and reduces your cost of developing, deploying and maintaining your secure IoT and Edge Linux-based devices. It accelerates your product firmware, Open Source and applications development. It also helps to shorten your time to market and provides you with the ability to monitor and update devices and fleets, keeping them secure over their product lifetime.

Key Benefits of the FoundriesFactory® IoT Software Platform:

  • Tailored software development
  • Device/Fleet management
  • OTA lifetime maintenance

A cloud-native DevOps platform to build and deploy secure solutions for IoT & Edge

FoundriesFactory is committed to using the latest industry practices and standards to provide a top-of-the-line IoT platform. Our team's decades of experience delivering embedded products provides you with innovative tooling to fully customize the platform and accelerate your time to market.

Faster Time to Market

The FoundriesFactory open source IoT platform uses cloud development technologies to streamline team-based software development. Faster time to market is achieved by reducing developer friction, building in Continuous Integration and test infrastructure, leveraging an existing unified and tested software platform, and separating the product application from core functions.

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Reduced Costs

Our model is a simple fixed subscription per project with no per unit royalties, and no per transaction fees or other hidden costs. You may stop your subscription at any time ‐ you will own all your existing project source code (Open Source from and your own modifications) and can then continue development and/or maintenance in-house thereafter.

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FoundriesFactory is secure by design ‐ from device boot software to the Cloud. Our holistic approach runs from secure boot architecture ‐ including Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) and Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) ‐ to The Update Framework (TUF)-compliant secure product updates.

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Our Partners and Technologies

Our partnerships are a key enabler across the global IoT & Edge ecosystem. Working together, we can help more companies get to market quicker with secured, updatable IoT and Edge solutions.

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