Senior Software Engineer - Microservice APIs (Remote)

August 29, 2019

As a member of the engineering team, you will be responsible for building and supporting our microservice APIs which powers the FoundriesFactories™. You must be comfortable working in a remote environment, breaking down large development features into achievable milestones, and collaborating with embedded software engineers towards a shared vision. Our team has been building securable, updatable embedded operating systems using Linux and Zephyr.

You will be responsible for building out our cloud service offering. This service enables our customers to customize, build, test and deploy their own private embedded operating system to millions of devices in the field. As a small venture funded startup, we value personal accountability and production over process. This is an opportunity to impact a highly collaborative, open source focused organization which is looking to solve the fragmentation in the internet of things space.

Deliverables on which you’ll be measured

  • Work collaboratively within the engineering team, expand stories into tasks, and execute with quality and velocity.
  • Develop infrastructure and tools to build and ship high quality software.
  • Build and implement scalable cloud-based APIs that are secure, testable, and reliable.
  • Explore and prototype solutions that can be leveraged to introduce new innovations.

Characteristics, skills, and experience to be successful in this role

  • 6+ years of software development experience
  • Strong expertise building APIs and services using Kubernetes
  • You enjoy working with Python and Golang; this role will be using a lot of it
  • Comfortable with the following technologies: Linux, GCE, Docker, httpd/nginx, YAML, JSON

Technologies we work with daily

  • Python3 / Flask
  • Docker (docker-compose, kubernetes)
  • OSTree (Treehub)
  • The Update Framework / Uptane
  • Aktualizr (C++), OTA Connect (Scala)
  • Yocto (recipes, layers, images)

You will stand out if you have

  • Open source contributions
  • Developed horizontally scalable web services
  • Direct knowledge of over the air update systems (TUF, Uptane)
  • Front end development experience
  • Strong opinions on security
  • CI and hardware automation experience
  • Embedded systems background

About originated within Linaro and brings extensive knowledge of open source and Linux to the IoT space. is a dispersed organisation bringing together the best resources globally to solve the challenges of deploying, developing secure Linux and Zephyr based solutions for the IoT and Edge space.

Our beliefs are that the latest software is the most secure software. Our goal is to make it easy to integrate the latest software without regressions, enabling increased security over time. Our solution is to offer a scalable service to develop, build, test and deploy software on-demand for a customers IoT or Edge hardware. Enabling innovative IoT and Edge devices to reach the market quicker.

Apply for this position

Please email an up to date CV to [email protected]

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