The Team

Led by industry veterans George Grey and Ian Drew, works with customers and partners from disruptive startups to global corporations. Tyler Baker heads the technical team located across three continents, with leaders in connected IoT product development, SoC enablement, end to end security, open source software and distributions, and devops/cloud backend systems.

Photo of Ian Drew

Ian Drew


Photo of George Grey

George Grey


Photo of Julia Hubbard

Julia Hubbard


Photo of Tyler Baker

Tyler Baker


Photo of Trina Watt

Trina Watt


Photo of David Griego

David Griego

Engineering Manager

Photo of Ricardo Salveti

Ricardo Salveti

Principal Software Engineer

Photo of Andy Doan

Andy Doan

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Michael Scott

Michael Scott

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Milo Casagrande

Milo Casagrande

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Jorge Ramirez

Jorge Ramirez

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Mykhaylo Sul

Mykhaylo Sul

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Kostya Penkov

Kostya Penkov

Senior Devops Engineer

Photo of Matthew Croughan

Matthew Croughan

Software Engineer

Photo of Thea Aldrich

Thea Aldrich

Ecosystem Marketing

Photo of Raul Munoz

Raul Munoz

Community Engineer

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