PHYTEC Partner

PHYTEC provides a hardware platform that supports FoundriesFactory. Leveraging the hardware and software partnership, the following benefits can be realized throughout your development process:

Evaluation Stage
  • FoundriesFactory enables users to build Yocto based operating systems
  • Utilizing FoundriesFactory build servers can save a significant amount of effort, bandwidth and cost
  • With containerized applications and demos, a proof of concept or prototype can be created seamlessly
  • Deploy and test on multiple different platforms
  • Straightforward transition from evaluation board to a production solution such as the PHYTEC SOM
Development Stage
  • Hardware rapidly changes during development; FoundriesFactory allows for revision control and logs a history of builds. This is key especially when working in a geographically distributed development teams
  • Focus engineering resources on applications, services, and value-added IP without the worry of underlying firmware platform and operating system
Production Stage
  • Increased security (from the first boot onwards)
  • Simplified building and deployment of secured IoT devices and fleets
  • Traceability of Software versioning (CVE management) and fleet management
Lifecycle Management
  • PHYTEC emphasizes long term availability of hardware for 15+ years. FoundriesFactory enables the same longevity for your Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) to make sure devices and fleets stay up to date
New Project Development
  • The PHYTEC SOM can operate as a common platform. In new project development, existing FoundriesFactory versions can be leveraged to accelerate future projects
  • Or, ready for an upgrade? It is easy to transition to another PHYTEC product with FoundriesFactory

PHYTEC is a hardware company that designs and manufactures embedded System on Modules (SOMs). SOMs integrate essential circuitry common to all embedded applications including the Applications Processor, RAM, Flash, connectivity, and power management into a compact module form factor. Our customers leverage the SOM to create a custom carrier board and bring their idea to the market faster. PHYTEC SOMs are easy to use, high quality, and maintain support for 15+ years.

Latest Release

91 (v. 2306) ‐ 12-07-2023


  • NEW: FoundriesFactory now supports fast first build target from pre-built images
  • NEW: Initial support for TI AM62XX HS-FS EVM

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