FOUNDRIES.IO INSIGHTS Ecosystem Evangelist (Remote)

September 11, 2019 is an embedded software company with a focus on using open-source software to create high-value auto-customised platform solutions for customers developing secure and OTA updatable IoT & Edge based devices. is helping customers to bring devices to market quicker; increase their data security; substantially reduce the costs of developing & testing; and deploy IoT/Edge devices across their installed lifetime. brings together experience from the open-source, security and embedded spaces to create our products. The resultant solutions enable our customers to focus on their points of differentiation.

This role is to promote across the IoT, Edge & Open Source communities to increase visibility leading to new subscriptions. is flexible on the location of this role. The applicant should expect to regularly travel globally to carry out this role.

Deliverables on which you’ll be measured:

  • Increase the visibility of through attendance and evangelising at key events targeting startups, small companies, makers fairs and IoT/Edge events
  • Actively engage with key open source communities such as Yocto, Linux Foundation, Raspberry Pi, RISC-V communities…
  • Build relationships with key communities and both contribute and source material to support the visibility
  • Drive the requirements for marketing campaigns to target these ecosystems
  • Increase the volume of referred website traffic from key communities
  • Drive New User sign ups via the web site
  • Build partnerships with key partners to address the market - work with the management team and engineering of target partners - initiate and manage the relationships involved in reciprocal activities to drive forward subscriptions

Characteristics, skills, and experience to be successful in this role:

  • 5+ years in either technical or marketing function
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including ability to talk to a wide range of people and the ability to get across key messages in a clear way
  • Ability to communicate the benefits brings to potential customers
  • Experience driving a community or ecosystem forward
  • Ability to capture key messages via a variety of medium - written blogs, articles, video blogging and talking heads videos, podcasts where applicable
  • Experience in handling collaborative partnerships
  • Ability to create and manage demos or proof of concepts
  • Preferred - Open source marketplace experience
  • Preferred - Multiple languages
  • Preferred - Experience working in virtual teams

You will stand out if you have:

  • Ability to get people to quickly communicate benefits and get people to act on your communication
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with a drive to make things happen, meeting commitments with high quality deliverables.

Apply for this position

Please email an up to date CV to [email protected]

About originated within Linaro and brings extensive knowledge of open source and Linux to the IoT space. is a dispersed organisation bringing together the best resources globally to solve the challenges of deploying, developing secure Linux and Zephyr based solutions for the IoT and Edge space. is a start up with a highly skilled team - bringing the best in open source and embedded market knowledge together, independent of location. The team continuously interacts via a variety of channels including Slack and Hangouts to ensure a close working virtual team.

Our beliefs are that the latest software is the most secure software. Our goal is to make it easy to integrate the latest software without regressions, enabling increased security over time. Our solution is to offer a scalable service to develop, build, test and deploy software on-demand for a customers IoT or Edge hardware. Enabling innovative IoT and Edge devices to reach the market quicker.

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